Franchises & Chains

We want to be your little secret, making your life easier and your pizza better. From flavor profiles, to crust characteristics, nobody knows crust better than we do. When it comes to manufacturing the perfect crust for you, your options are endless. You could use one of our current product lines, have us come up with something new, or we can work directly from your secret recipe. TNT Crust will deliver the exact crust that you want and your customers crave.

Toppers / Retail

When you look down the frozen pizza aisle at the grocery store, you see TNT Crust. Our Par-Baked crusts are perfect for toppers and pizza manufacturers! Why recreate the wheel when we’ve perfected it for you over the last 37 years? We have crusts in all shapes and sizes for your frozen retail market or we can work together to develop custom recipes and products unique to you


Looking for your next moneymaker? No worries, TNT Crusts have a long track record of basically selling themselves. Our commitment and willingness to serve you and your customers is apparent in each and every crust we make— people love our crusts because we love our crusts. Our diverse product line is made with consistency and quality in mind and we have nearly 40 years of happy customers to prove it.

Restaurants & Food Service

Pizza is where our heart is. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop pizza parlor, a fine-dining destination, school cafeteria, or large entertainment venue, you know the value of working smarter. Our crusts are ready for you to top and make your own, saving you time and keeps your customers happy. Our extensive product line will add variety to your menu and ensure consistent crusts for your homemade and specialty pizzas.