TNT. Crust Innovation Crusaders

TNT Crust was founded in 1981 to serve local and regional frozen pizza manufacturers from its base of operations in northeastern Wisconsin. TNT operates two bakeries in Green Bay with more than 100,000 square feet of production space. TNT annually produces more than 200 million crusts in both par-baked and self-rising varieties. These crusts are supplied to the following:

> Frozen Pizza Manufacturers
> Chain Accounts
> Food Service Distributors
> Specialty Pizza Distributors

We’ve built a reputation for fast-service. Our short lead-time means that customer orders can be processed and at their dock in less than one week. Our production capabilities allow us to maintain multiple manufacturing lines, each running three shifts, to meet all our customer needs.

We are the innovation leaders within the category which enable us to offer our customers not only the best product but also ones that are on the leading edge with the ultimate consumer. We are nimble and can turn around customer ideas in days. Some in the industry think TNT means “The Next Thing”, as we are always looking forward to the next creative crust idea. Our customers are always #1 to us, and we will do whatever is needed to ensure our customer’s needs are met 100% of the time.

Freshness is guaranteed, with over 90% of our orders “run To Order”, and not pulled from stock. Truck access at our plant is convenient, with pick-up hours from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. At TNT Crust, quality innovative products and exceptional service are standard. We like to say “Our crusts can’t be topped…But they should be!”