Standard Readi-Rise®

Bready, rise-in-your-oven crust with a raised edge. Robust flavor, fresh baked aroma, and a soft, chewy bite are the hallmarks of this crust.”
Our Readi-Rise® crust is fully formed raw crust with live yeast, giving it the aroma and flavor of fresh-baked dough. No proof time is required. Bake from frozen or just thaw slightly, add toppings and let your oven activate the yeast as the pizza bakes to a golden brown.

The fresh Readi-Rise crust is the perfect thick crust with a raised edge that will rise in the oven, giving each pizza a fresh baked, and soft chewy bite. This crust has a cornmeal bottom, providing a crisp bite yet a soft bready interior. Ideal for retail, foodservice, this crust can come in a variety of sizes and weights.
  • Fresh, robust flavor
  • Soft, tender inside
  • Rises in the oven.
  • Raised edge
  • Cornmeal inner crust
  • No proof time is required
  • Available in 7”-16” crusts
  • 90-day shelf life



Product Highlights

Available in 4″-18″

100% Sustainable Palm Oil Available

Made With Fresh Ingredients

Great Source of Protein

No Saturated Fats


At TNT Crust, we do one thing and we do it right. We specialize in pizza crust, and we make sure it’s the best it can be. You’re always assured of the highest quality crust, which means you’ll have the foundation you need to make a great pizza.


Our attention to quality has not gone unrecognized. TNT Crust is BRC Global Standards Certified. Also, TNT Crust maintains a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program throughout the manufacturing process. This is another assurance of product safety and quality.


We start with the finest quality ingredients, like high-grade soybean oil, specially refined salts and sugars, flour, and quality yeasts. Then, we refine those ingredients even further to meet our precise specifications. All ingredients must pass stringent purity standards.


At TNT Crust, we employ the latest crust manufacturing techniques. Our highly trained, experienced personnel constantly monitor consistency and quality, from the initial mixing stage to final product packaging. From start to finish, quality is assured.