Sure to impress! This rustic flaky flatbread has a lighter feel and an artisanal flair. Great for many different uses including amazing appetizers, unique sandwiches, and designer pizzas. The natural edge gives a hand-crafted, back-of-house appearance. And the light, crispy texture provides great taste every time.

Available in:

  • 7”x9” rectangle
  • 4”x11” rectangle
  • 6”x13” rectangle
  • 8”x12” rectangle



Product Highlights

Available in 4″-18″

Gluten Free

Made With Fresh Ingredients

Great Source of Protein

No Saturated Fats


At TNT Crust, we do one thing and we do it right. We specialize in pizza crust, and we make sure it’s the best it can be. You’re always assured of the highest quality crust, which means you’ll have the foundation you need to make a great pizza.


We start with the finest quality ingredients, like high-grade soybean oil, especially refined salts and sugars, flour, and quality yeasts. Then, we refine those ingredients even further to meet our precise specifications. All ingredients must pass stringent purity standards.


At TNT Crust, we employ the latest crust manufacturing techniques. Our highly trained, experienced personnel constantly monitor consistency and quality, from the initial mixing stage to final product packaging. From start to finish, quality is assured.