Combining benefits of overall nutrition and health with flavors and textures that capture the imagination of the pizza eating public. We’ve been there, we’ve done that. We did it before it was cool. We’re looking forward with vision, applying consumer and health trends to make the next generation of wildly popular pizza crusts. Sounds pretty exciting, eh? It is.
Developing and perfecting the crusts of tomorrow require vision. It’s beyond the plant. Beyond what is visible in the aisle next to you. It’s art. It’s science. It’s untapped potential for a food that consumers have a boundless love for. That’s where you will find TNT’s crust crusaders.
Co Pizza Manufacturing
Innovation Lab Solutions
Designed for a new generation of pizza LOVERS.
Infused With Innovation

Beyond Plant Based
• Mineral Based
• Metabolic Crusts
• New Aromas
• Vitamin Infused
• Smart Crusts
Boldy going where no other crust company has gone before!
Be our guest!
You Dream it.
We will formulate it. Together.
Interested in having TNT make your recipe? The sky is the limit. We have over 100 different dies in various sizes: thick, thin, raised-edge, rolled-edge, no edge, deep dish, and rectangular. Our test kitchen is available, at no charge, to run test dies and samples and to help you achieve the proper thickness, bite, and flavor profile for pizza perfection every time.

REAL + Goodness

You’re always assured of the highest quality crust, which means you’ll have the foundation you need to make a great pizza. We start with the finest quality ingredients, like high-grade soybean oil, specially refined salts and sugars, flour, and quality yeasts. Then, we refine those ingredients even further to meet our precise specifications. All ingredients must pass stringent purity standards. From start-to-finish, quality is assured.
Made Fresh in WI & MO