TNT Crust Truck Fleet – Enhance Delivery Logistics

TNT Crust truck fleet will enhance delivery logistics, brand-marketing efforts.

TNT Crust is building a dedicated semi tractor-trailer fleet to build an efficient and convenient delivery of its products throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and beyond. The recent rollout of four Volvo tractors and seven 53-foot refrigerated trailers will support in-house logistics designed to transport crusts faster and fresher to meet growing customer demand.

The new trailers shipping from two TNT Crust bakeries in Green Bay provide enhanced temperature control to maintain freshness of par-baked and self-rising crusts during transport. And full control of routing and transport schedules ensures crusts make it from the bakeries to pizza manufacturing facilities in the shortest time from order to delivery.

Better customer service is the motivation for the fleet of trucks, according to Kent Reschke, the company’s general manager. TNT is expanding its base of operations and annual output has grown to more than 200 million crusts. Reinforcing itself as the market leader in pizza crusts requires this and many other innovations currently in the works.

“This is the first step we are taking to provide superior service to our local bi-state customers,” Reschke said. “We will continue to look for ways to increase customers support in all aspects of the business. This is just one of many initiatives under way.”

The tractor-trailer rigs do double duty as important marketing tools. Each is wrapped in colorful and creative graphics to draw attention to the TNT Crust brand and products. The graphics include large photos of the TNT product as part of finished pizzas and feature clever headlines to catch the eyes of passing motorists. They include: “Another One Bites the Crust,” “Our Pizzas Can’t Be Topped. But They Should Be,” and “Slice, Slice Baby.” The creative messages turn conventional semi trailers into rolling billboards to promote the company.

Many efforts are underway to continue the TNT Crust position as a market leader serving numerous popular pizza brands. Reschke, a 20-year veteran of TNT Crust management, emerged from retirement in 2018 when Peak Rock Capital purchased the company from Tyson Foods. He and company leaders continue to build the TNT Crust brand and look for expansion opportunities.