TNT Introduces Their New Logo

As part of the sale process, and to show the new focus on innovation, TNT today announced the application of their new logo (pictured above).  “We are extremely excited about the new vision and the new logo of our company” said CEO Scott McNair.  “We reached out to The Gate due to their expertise in this area, and their quick ability to understand our focus and to help create the look we were wanting to achieve.”

Gate is a group of industry veterans passionate about branding, storytelling and helping businesses succeed. They created Gate to be a direct route to the ideas that matter most with a flexible model to tap into experts in many areas from research, strategy, and PR to writing, design and digital. Collectively they have decades of experience partnering with hundreds of brands from startups to Fortune 500’s including Harley-Davison, The Hershey Company and Schwan’s. A powerful idea can turn food into a following, objects into an obsession, and retail into a relationship. For Gate’s latest work and brand experience visit